Cabin :: 3 years of thinning

3.16.2011 – Wednesday

Of all the on going projects at the cabin, thinning has been the longest and perhaps the toughest task. We’ve used every tool at our disposal; from wheelers with tow straps, to the tractor with the forks, and of course the traditional sheer determination and work gloves.

I’ve collected photos throughout this process and have compiled a set of four photographs to illustrate just one part of the forest that has received our attention. I’ve often referred to it as ‘the front slope’ or simply ‘the slope’. It is the North face of the maple ridge. The cabin is on the top of the ridge and the pond is at the bottom. As of today, the slope thinning is done. It’s taken almost exactly three years to get it thinned to the point where we can now sit back and enjoy the view.

May 22, 2008

May 16, 2009

Nov 28, 2009

Mar 16, 2011

…though as far as sitting back goes, it’s the unofficial saying of the cabin that “when the work is done the fun ends.”

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