Cabin :: tour #3

I thought it would be a good time to revisit the cabin via a photo gallery. I’ve assembled my 25 top photos of the cabin (so far) into this album. Some projects on the drawing board for now, that may make a future album, include a paving stone patio with stone fire circle and possibly another home built shooting bench for sighting in rifles. The basement is a work in progress so of coarse I’ll photograph that as the paneling, flooring, and furnishing progresses. So for now, here’s the tour:


3 thoughts on “Cabin :: tour #3

  1. mazen

    hey man this is a great page , great job really inspiring , i am now installing a small off grid pv system and a little bit confused about where to install the DC disconnect switches and how to choose their rating , can you help me with this please

    1. offgridcabin Post author

      The rating of the fuse should match the wiring. If your wiring is capable of carrying 100amps then a 100amp fuse is appropriate. There are different classes of fuses as well. Class T was used because the inverter can surge to current greater than the normal wire/fuse rating. Class T allows for a short period of over current without blowing, but would still blow fast in a short. I’m also using a DC-specific breaker. Switches are for safety and maintenance. Ideally I like to be able to remove the inverter and PV charger from all current – so a disconnect between PV and PV charge controller, and a switch between PV charge controller and batteries (GFP and breaker/disconnect in my system). Some people will insist on fusing each line from a series of battery as well. This is a good idea – I haven’t done this. I’ve only fused the main line from the batteries. By turning off the generator and turning the disconnect switch from battery to inverter off the inverter is safe to work on. For more, see this post:

      To sum up. Fuses protect the wiring, switches allow you to remove components and controllers from current for maintenance or inspection.


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