PV system :: online merchants

Most of our parts began to show up at the door within 2 weeks, except for the GFP and the rack. We eventually received word that the Xantrex GFP had supply issues. We were put in touch with an engineer and soon an alternative GFP was selected and shipped.

The PV rack was ordered from an online merchant that we had never used before. The website was reasonably well put together but it was lacking in contact information. After some digging, a phone number was uncovered and over the next few days Dad contacted them and was told that he would get a call back, and some answers, by days end. That call never came. The next few days were privy to a less than savory experience. Now, upon calling, Dad was put into “hold limbo” after stating his reason for calling. Eventually he asked for “sales” and immediately got through. After some dissatisfactory conversation Dad informed them that the order was going to be canceled immediately. My dad, a former 8th grade school teacher, has had his share of people lying to him, and had had enough run-around. The charge had gone through several weeks earlier so his only coarse of action after a dissatisfying phone call was to contact MasterCard and have them pull the charge and investigate the merchant. The next day I got an e-mail notifying me that the rack had shipped.

A few days later Dad intercepted the shipment at the regional UPS office and refused delivery.

We contacted one of our more reputable sellers and talked to an engineer. A different rack was shipped within the week. This actually worked out for the better. Originally we intended to use a Unirac model that had to be bolted down at the desired angle prior to putting the panels on. The Iron Ridge model that was now heading our way allowed for the angle to be adjusted after the panels were in place.

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