Basement 2.0

12.19.2013 – Thursday

The basement has come a long way. Here are some progress notes I’ve been collecting:

  • 2009 August – cabin was built
  • 2009 September – top half of basement walls insulated
  • 2012 March – basement walls studded out and fully insulated
  • 2012 June – wood room finished in rough sawn paneling
  • 2012 July – electrical wiring and light switches added
  • 2012 September – final wall of store/wood room paneled in pine, adjustable shelving installed
  • 2012 September 12 to November – basement stairway, pantry walls, closet under stairs paneled in pine, adjustable shelving added to pantry wall
  • 2013 December 13 to March – remainder of basement paneled in white ash (game room). I made pine and ash window sills in my wood shop.
  • 2013 June – cork flooring installed in game room and septic pipe painted ‘decorative bronze’ via spray paint
  • 2013 July – gas fire place installed in game room
  • 2013 September 25 – pool table and foosball delivered and assembled
  • 2013 November – billiard cue/ball rack made in wood shop and installed, new 32″ LED TV hung on wall, and dart board installed

From here it is decorations, furnishings, and eventually the covering of the main support beam and pillars with spruce to give the look of a solid spruce beams holding up the floor. Someday we may even finish the ceiling… but that is at the bottom of the list and is likely 5-10 years off if ever it is accomplished.

In pictures:

2009 July 9_MG_3791

2009 Sept 5cabin basement 2

2009 Nov 28

2012 Mar 4_MG_6329

2012 July 21IMG_9295

2012 Oct 9IMG_2464

2012 Nov 7IMG_2781

2012 Nov 7IMG_2792

2013 June 6IMG_3482


2013 Nov 26IMG_8524





This billiard rack took 6 hours of preparation (milling lumber, designing templates) and an entire day to build (16 hours). The finish was applied over 5 days.




2 thoughts on “Basement 2.0

  1. Jeff

    Things are looking really nice. I guess the only factors are time and money but it is coming together very well. Keep up the good work and keep posting the wonderful pictures….Jeff in Tucson, AZ

    1. jeff

      How’s the cabin doing? I can’t wait to see some snow pictures, new pictures, or any updates. Today in Tucson, AZ it was 86 degrees. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is finishing up and the Acenture Match Play Golf tournament is in full swing. Just warm weather down here…perfect for four wheeling! Jeff


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