Cabin :: Kill-a-Watt

I can’t say enough about this little device. It does exactly what it claims to do. Everything that had a plug got to undergo the scrutiny of the Kill-a-Watt power usage monitor. Some interesting things were discovered, such as the rated power consumption of CFLs versus the actual power consumption, and that a microwave rated power output is not the same as power consumption; the 700 W microwave in the cabin consumes around 1135 W under standard usage. Another interesting find was that all of our entertainment devices, on a common power strip, consume about 15 W on standby. By using a remote outlet switch (which consumes less than 1 W) we can eliminate most of the phantom load.

My findings: Kill-a-Watt readings

No light bulb was left unmeasured either. Mom’s lamp was perfectly suited for testing light bulbs of all sizes (below: a 23 W and a 65 W rated CFL).

2 thoughts on “Cabin :: Kill-a-Watt

    1. offgridcabin Post author

      I mentioned in an earlier post that it uses about 1000W – since it is a soft start there is no appreciable surge. I’m unable to get a Kill-a-Watt reading due to how the pump is wired in. A quick note: 1000W is for our specific well depth and pressure tank settings – which may or may not affect how much current the pump requires.


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