PV system :: 105% rated

3.13.2011 – Sunday

At 1:42 p.m. the conditions were perfect and the Xantrex C60 charge controller read: 61 Amps / 819 Watts / 13.4 Volts

A note about the PV array: The Xantrex C60 charge controller is rated for 60 Amps continuous current and 85 Amps intermittent current. The panels are rated at 135W +5%/-5% output under ideal conditions. The voltage drop in our wiring from the panels to the charge controller is between 3-5%. When all this is taken into account the panels should theoretically provide about 780W to the charger. This more or less means that the system was momentarily functioning at 105% rated capacity (or 101% if there were no wire losses).

Solar Noon was at 1:02 p.m. today.

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