battery enclosure III

3.14.2011 – Monday

While the loggers were at work I toasted four slices of raisin bread and downed a glass of milk so I could get outside. After surveying the logging via a quick walk around with the ol’ man I set up in the garage. I set up a folding card table and the portable table saw and then collected the scrap wood left over from the battery box build. After a half an hour or so I had a general idea of what needed to be done, and set to work.

Building the shield for the bus bars was not a very difficult task, but it still took about 2 hours. The finished shield is still in need a coat of paint, as is the battery box.

A unique feature is the ability to clamp the shield in place using a hand tightened bolt. Since I utilized left over materials the bolt below is only temporary, and in the future Dad will replace it with a new bolt and wing-nut.

The shield slides into place between two strips of wood. The strips are close enough together that they provide resistance when sliding the shield in place, but not so much that the shield gets stuck.

A look at the shield partially in place.

On a related, but separate note; I got around to taking a picture of the muffin fans from the outside of the garage. Compliments to the builders to trimming out our hole in the wall so well.

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