-7°F & Northern Lights

I have two photos to share (out of about 400). I ventured out last night around 11:10pm and headed to the lake. I set up just in time to catch a spectacular showing of the Northern Lights over Lake Superior. I wasn’t the only person at the roadside park but with little hesitation I’d venture that I was the most ambitious. I arrived in full Carhart bibs and jacket with double hats and heavy Rocky boots. Where other set up outside their cars (which they left running) I jumped a fence and descended toward the beach to escape the light pollution from the crowd above. In about 3 minutes I was set up and fully automated. I checked on my camera every 15-20 minutes to make sure all was well.

Stats wise here is the set-up: Heavy Manfrotto tripod and ball-head (rated at 15 pounds capacity I think), Canon T3i, Sigma 10mm f/2.8 fisheye, Magic Lantern, Settings – f/3.2, ISO 1600, 10s, RAW capture.

First photo cropped, second is 20s exposure uncropped. I shot in two locations from 11:45pm to 1:50am.

TL 031 TL 330


It was -17°F windchill when I set up. It was colder when I departed. I was also able to put my new ArmyTek Wizard Pro (white LED) headlamp to the test and it performed flawlessly. Super low output (0.1lm) setting was perfect for set up and high (1010lm) was great for not missing step and cartwheeling into the lake (though it is waterproof to about 25 feet I’d prefer to leave that claim unchallenged).


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