Proud Father Moment

5.28.2012 – Memorial Day

As a new parent, I have recently been introduced to the urge to brag about by child. I’ll do my best to exercise restraint (aka, this blog will still be true to it’s original design). After a text-book pregnancy, we encountered a bump at the end of the road: Labor and delivery. Labor lasted 53 hours by my count. We started out as the naive couple (7 years and a Pharm D. was more of a primer than preparation) and wanted to ‘do things naturally’. I have notes on all the medications and interventions we used but to state it simply, Sarah had IV access for the whole 53 hours and then 12 hours after delivery. I’m pleased to report that Cesarean delivery was not needed – I’m very proud of my wife’s determination and endurance.

I saw this scene from our room three times prior to delivery. After delivery, we moved to a different room (we were very ready for some new scenery).

So, here are the specs:

  • William David Wiltzius
  • Born 5-28-2012 @ 5:49am
  • 53 hour labor
  • 8lbs – 3oz
  • 21″ long
  • 10 toes
  • 10 fingers
This picture is roughly 5 minutes after delivery

And a picture with everyone cleaned up

And finally, proud parents:


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